Welcome to Lauren Butterworth Writes. I am a writer, academic, traveller, podcaster, bicycle rider and intermittent blogger.

My creative work has appeared in Wet Ink, Libertine, Indaily and is forthcoming in Verity La. I have reviewed for Heckler, Dirt and Candy, and Great Scott, and have published essays in Libertine. I am currently working on my first novel. To pay for the things that don’t pay, I teach English Literature and academic writing at Flinders University.

I am a co-director of The Hearth, a creative readings event in Adelaide which aims to platform exciting local voices in a space that nurtures creativity, conversation and ideas. I am also the host of Deviant Women, a podcast dedicated to uncovering the lives of women who dare to break the rules: thinkers, artists, adventurers, writers.

I tweet here, and also here, because I am a woman of many identities.