The Roman Baccanalia was a festival of delicious licentiousness, wild debauchery and copious drinking. It is no wonder then, that the best parts of this outrageous variety of all things Fringe involved squirt guns of tequila, trays of shots, nipple tassels and hulking, heaving circus. Hosts Gloria and Hope of Titty Bar Ha Ha, two delightful corseted cabaret nymphs, and their three Party Spirits, Lyra La Belle, Liz Cahalan and Adelaide’s Lolly Dolly, roused their eager audience to rapturous heights, bringing the best parts of the weekend to a relatively early Monday evening. In a high energy two hours of song and dance, semi- nudity and banter, where audience participation is rewarded with a shot of a shot, the Rhino Room on a Sunday and Monday is a pretty great place to be!

Between the kazoo battles and not-so-subtle innuendo of Gloria and Hope, the party continued with three Fringe favourites, the mischievous stand up Imaan, the breath-taking (for more reasons than one) circus duo Elixir, and local hero (though not my personal favourite) comedian Mickey D. But the best thing about this show is that while a wide variety of Fringe acts rotate across its stage so that no two shows are ever quite the same, its cheeky hosts and their cheekier sprites, easily the best fun of the night, remain a constant guarantee that you’re in for a night of wild fun. Bring anyone you don’t mind sharing a suck and blow with—your best friend, your mum, a first date, whoever!—and strap yourself in for a rollicking ride.